For Better or Worse

The person you are today is not the person you were yesterday. And the person you’ll be tomorrow is not the person you are today.

With every action (or inaction), we’re either getting better or worse.

In business, companies either grow or they die. There is no business as usual. New technologies disrupt markets. Changes in marketing channels introduce new competitors. Customer demands change as people change. Businesses don’t get to be the same year after year. Businesses either adapt or they die.

In health, how you exercise and what you eat either makes you stronger or it makes you weaker. As you age, your body loses its ability to fight off your bad habits. Metabolisms slow. Injuries persevere. Hangovers really hang over. You either treat your body well or pay the consequences.

Relationships are subject to this truth. To grow healthy relationships requires continuous effort and investment. Distractions, our own selfishness and “priorities” will all erode a relationship if left unsupervised. You either invest in the relationship or invest in its demise.

The message isn’t to go fight for the same. It’s to fight for better. Be deliberate in your thinking. Be deliberate in your actions. Choose what to improve and what to let die.

Because, for better or worse, you don’t get to stay the same.

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