You Are Predictable

You are an acceptable level of threat, and if you were not, you would know about it.

I have a piece of advice capable of changing everything for you.

Do the unexpected.

Every day you have a choice. And every day, you make the same choice.

Every day you go to work. While there, you do what your boss tells you to do. Just like everyone else.

You do this to buy things you want, but don’t need, and end up just as unhappy as before. Just like everyone else.

Every day you choose to eat things that are easy or convenient but aren’t good for you. You do this because you are tired, strapped for time and in a hurry to get it over with. Just like everyone else.

Every day you spout the same surface-level sayings because they require little thinking or caring on your part. Questions like, how was your weekend? How about this weather? I can’t wait until Friday. Thoughts that are cliche and tired. Just like everyone else.

Every day you watch, listen and consume what other people watch, listen and consume. Because you are just like everyone else.

Predictable, replaceable and forgettable.

Every action you take is expected. If they weren’t, you would know about it.

If you were doing something different, people would react. They would look at you differently. Think about you differently. Treat you differently.

If you want more of the same, do the expected. But if you want something different, you must do the unexpected.

Think big when you’re expected to think small. Act boldly when they expect timidness. Dance when they expect you to sit down.

Defy their expectations.

Be the unacceptable level of threat you were meant to be.

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