Last Updated: 5/20/24

Location: Jacksonville, Florida. I miss Chicago’s urban energy, but interested in other cities/locations for my next move.

This is my /now page, inspired by one of my favorite thought-provoking humans, Derek Sivers. Here, you can find out what I’m focused on right now.

What I’m Doing Now

  1. I’m 80% focused on developing Lost Media Group into a sustainable business and growing an audience.
  • Lost Media Group has generated income since June 2020 proving to be a viable source of income. Adding the right mix of new clients is priority #1.
  • After re-reading The E-Myth Revisited and Traction, I’m reminded that if your business requires you to exist, you are not a business owner; you are the business. Priority #2 is implementing EOS® as outlined in Traction.
  • As Lost Media Group becomes more sustainable, I’d like to grow an audience to expand and future-proof my income-generating opportunities.
  • The Maximalist Project is the current attempt to grow an audience. It is a playground for testing content creation processes, newsletter software, social media, and website layouts.

2. I’m 20% focused on clarifying my vision for and simplifying my life:

  • I’m continuing to pursue a minimalist lifestyle. I’ve worked to apply minimalist principles to my digital life, reducing and narrowing my digital sprawl.
  • I’ve always had vague, high-level goals, like living in a big city, starting my own business, writing a book, etc. I’ve been fortunate to accomplish some of these goals. But I’m realizing I never nailed down the lifestyle I want. So that is a 2024 fixation—how do I want my day-to-day life to look?
  • Sold my motorcycle and BMW. Replaced with more reliable transportation to free up mind space. Selling the motorcycle hurt as it challenged my identity as a motorcyclist. But letting go of the old to make room for the new won out. Changes like these are easy to undo if I change my mind.