Hi, I’m Nathan Thompson.

I had a Myspace blog back when it was uncool the first time. My college roommates made fun of it; I made fun of it. Even people I didn’t know made fun of it. But 38 posts, 78 comments and 10,296 views later, I knew I was on to something.

Since the Myspace days, I’ve written for and started dozens of blogs. At the height of my online influence (whether real or imagined), I was Editor of the Grooveshark Music Blog, which was posting 7-9 posts a day and reaching 60,000 views a month. By the time I left, I felt I had said everything I wanted to say about music.

I’ve made several half-hearted attempts to return to blogging since then. The roadblock has been finding a niche that satisfies my desire to write something meaningful—something that connects with people the way Garden State connected with depressed college sophomores back in ‘04.

My blog posts will show you…

  • An honest look at the inner thoughts and workings of someone trying to be successful
  • My subjective lens on what makes a difference in life
  • Specifically how to live a more intentional life

Where the Idea Came From…

It started with the Friday night trips to Taps Bar where dark beer, uninhibited conversation and shameless people watching gave me this nagging desire to stare directly into the lives of others. I wanted to observe life experiences in a way that could help me make sense of what it means to do something with your life. This desire was reinforced when I found old friends weren’t living the lives their Facebook pages portrayed, but rather less sexy, less fulfilling, and ultimately much deeper versions of those lives. And of course there’s always been the late night, midnight to 3 am, music and thought revelations that fill my head and heart with a need to make changes in my own life as well as the lives of others.

My vision crystallized as traffic came to a standstill on the Butler to 9A flyover, under a dreary, depressing and yet somehow inspiring gray sky. With Against Me’s Audience of One antheming on Alt Nation, I made up my mind that it was time for a conversation—a different kind of conversation.

The goal is real, as in real life, understanding. It’s no longer life in general, it’s life in specific.

These are the stories of the decisions that have gotten me to where I am, as well as the thoughts and actions that will guide where I’m going. This is a place where all my interpretations, ideas and experiences can hit the screen uncensored and without apology. I want to cover the topics that affect not just myself, but anyone and everyone who wonders just how deep the rabbit hole of life goes.

From the music that gets me through the day, to all the choices that make up my career, my social life and ultimately my purpose—it’ll all be addressed one post at a time. Gradually, I hope to open a conversation that covers a wide range of topics—topics begging to have the unpolished and often unknown viewpoint of yours truly.

This blog is as much a learning experiment for me as it is a resource for anyone else. And if it feels like I’m writing directly to you, that’s because I am. Even if you end up here by accident, what you read here is meant entirely for you.